“Many thanks for helping me with my work-related problems, in particular with helping me to make changes for the better in many spheres. My mental and physical health hasn’t been so good in years.”

Fondest Regards,  Anthony


“The sessions with Anne have helped me to keep calm and controlled under pressure and also help me to focus on the positives of any situation. It is very easy to get dragged down with the day to day pressures that are put upon us and just this one hour helped me to relax and feel that I had made time for myself. I believe that this has helped increase my productivity within my job as I focus on attaining a better work/life balance.”

Naomi – Marketing Manager

“Anne really helped me to resolve some issues and to clarify direction – it was good to just have someone impartial to listen – I am now much more focused and achieving more”

Martin – Product Specialist

“Anne has a way of ‘getting to the real issue’ and enabling you to resolve things for yourself – in just 5 sessions I feel I have progressed much further that I ever did through my one year of counselling.”

Joanna – Stop Smoking

…thank you so much for all your help. I chose your 4 session approach to stop smoking and I really do think that I have totally given up – something in my brain has switched!

Stop Smoking

“I have told numerous people about stopping smoking, not by advertising but by them asking me ‘have you stopped’, the answer of course being ‘yes’. They then ask ‘was it difficult?’, response of ‘no, not really, I initially missed the habit of smoking not the nicotine. The going outside, the occasions that triggered getting the fags out seemed strange and odd but didn’t actually give me the craving for one.”

Kevin – PTSD

(After leaving the armed forces, Kevin suffered from PTSD and had started to become alcohol dependent.)

It has already made such a difference to my life, so thank you – I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you and will do so.

Deb – Dealing with relationships

…one year on Anne – how did you get me here?! Eternally grateful for all your help and support through the most challenging time of my life. Deb

Francesca – IBS

I suffered from IBS and it was really limiting my life, after seeing Anne, and after 6 sessions of hypnotherapy it has disappeared, I have managed to de-stress my life and have become much more confident – promoted at work and I am getting married next year! Thank you so much. Francesca

Triclomania ( hair pulling)

I had been to see so many therapists and had been hair pulling for most of my life. I have stopped! Thank you Anne

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