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Coaching Explained

In simple terms, coaching is a collaborative, solution-focused, results-orientated and systematic process, which employs a variety of techniques. Its sole purpose is to bring about real, lasting personal growth and change by allowing the individual the personal space and support they need to make this happen.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching equips and encourages Corporate leaders and Senior Managers to meet Corporate challenges by helping them to develop self-awareness of their behaviour and patterns; cultivate awareness of how others perceive them; capitalize on their leadership strengths and bridge gaps; acquire new leadership strategies and tactics; and in turn deliver and surpass their executive and corporate goals.

A wide range of skills is required on behalf of the coach – from business acumen, personal effectiveness and leadership skills.

Life Coaching

Is a practice of helping clients determine and achieve personal goals.

The Life Coach will often help a person face up to challenges or change in their life.

Business Coaching

The Business Coach gives business support aimed at helping business leaders and owners plan, start, grow & even remove themselves from business.

Business Coaching requires expertise of the coach of all aspects of running a business and/ or at least a specialist area within a business. e.g Marketing, Finance, Operations. As well as the generic skills of a good coach.

Career Coaching

A specialist area of coaching to enable an individual make career choices – for a new role, transition in a current role, for a promotion, or outplacement.

On Job Coaching

One to one coaching which takes place day to day at work. Planned or un planned. It can cover specific job related skills, technical coaching, problem solving, or corrective  coaching – where a person is not undertaking a task or service to standard.

Performance Coaching

This is sometimes referred to as ‘Performance Management ‘ when an individual is going through difficulties at work or is not performing to ‘standard’. The difficulties can be caused by several factors: e.g. skill related, stress related, personal.

Performance coaching requires skills of understanding, listening, reflecting, questioning and enabling a person to resolve their difficulties and come to an understanding and acceptance of the issue. Once the ‘core issue’ has been identified then the coach may need to refer the person to a counsellor or a specialist skilled in a particular area identified to assist the person move forward.

Our Coaching approach

We provide individually designed coaching programmes to fit in with your life. We specialise in the following areas for one to one coaching:

  • Developing talent and potential
  • Succession and transition to a new role
  • Career coaching and decisions
  • Assisting a valued person who may be experiencing personal difficulties affecting performance and or/requiring a more psychological approach.

Our personalised support and development strategy means that together we design a programme to meet your needs and time frames. Maximum flexibility is in built with a support network that includes telephone, email and web cam mentoring to accompany the programme.

Experience shows that this process gives people more acceptance and understanding of themselves and others. We have high success rates in helping an individual decide on career options and mediating cases of stress and absence from work. We use solution focused techniques and concepts that produce positive and lasting results.

By having a personal coach it allows a wider and more open exchange of information that can lead to a simpler route in taking on board what is required. We can provide coaching once per month on a fixed term, or on an ad hoc basis that allows companies to provide their staff or on an individual basis with a confidential and independent advice.

The Coaching process:

Anne is an Accredited Executive Coach and Supervisor with the Association for Coaching, where she volunteers as Supervision Team Lead and Chairs the Supervision Special Interest Group.

Contracting – this is an important initial phase of the coaching process where we scope out your coaching requirement, with agreed desired outcomes and style of working.  If you are sponsored by your organisation, this may also mean a 3-way conversation with your sponsor.  We may also use some questionnaires, such as 360 feedback or psychometrics, depending on your requirement.

At the initial stage we would also agree, time frame, fees  – often about 6-9 x 1.5/2 hour sessions over 6-9 months, however some people may prefer meetings more frequently and/or for a shorter duration.

Meetings are reviewed at agreed intervals (and as appropriate, with the sponsor).  Often individuals have quarterly update meetings once the initial contract has completed.

All coaching programmes are tailored for the individual, hence different fee ranges apply.

Venue – meetings are usually held in Oxford , however working virtually by an encrypted platform is also appropriate.


“I have to thank you for all of the work we did together and the help and guidance that you gave me. I regularly revisit the notes that I have made and so you are continuing to help me to grow and develop. I used the work and techniques that we had talked through last year, and I am so pleased to be able to tell you that they worked and I got the promotion.

So, a big thank you for that, but also a huge thank you for all of the help you gave me in being able to see the world from different angles. It’s not exaggerating to say that I have seen a beneficial impact across all areas of my life.”

Joanna King DSTL Organisation Development and Learning

“Anne is a true inspiration! Her coaching enabled me to embrace that which I feared most in my professional life; public speaking. She helped me to build new levels of confidence and made me feel that I can achieve anything. Working ‘from the inside out’ has transformed not only the way I think & therefore behave in my professional environment, but has positively influenced my personal life too. I feel very lucky to have found Anne and have already recommended her to my colleagues and friends! Thanks again!”

Rebecca Gadsby – Senior Manager – Owen Mumford

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