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Anne Calleja set up her private practice – Pure Consulting –  to provide a safe, confidential and professional service for those people seeking personal therapy, one to one coaching or supervision.

Her office is based in Summertown, Oxford, where there is a friendly, secure reception and relaxing waiting area.

Anne works face to face, one to one in person and with couples, though there may be times when it may be easier to talk on the phone or virtually.

She uses  approaches  to encourage possibility and solution focused thinking. This means working with you using a range of hypno, psychotherapeutic and NLP approaches to resolve issues which may be limiting your life.

It may be that you are experiencing difficulties at work e.g. lack of self-confidence, bullying, stress or anxiety, career dilemmas, or difficulties in your personal life which are affecting your performance at work and you prefer to seek an independent confidential source of help. A combination of psychotherapy and coaching may be appropriate for you.

Or perhaps there are personal issues (e.g.trauma, relationship issues, domestic abuse, life changes, bereavement, unwanted habits or phobias) that require deeper exploration and you may like to use hypnotherapy, EMDR, CBH with psychotherapy for greater understanding and long lasting change.


For couples – Anne is also a Law Society accredited relationship mediator so provides relationship  mediation services to help with communication and overcoming blocks to having a healthy relationship.

Anne (see full profile below) is a qualified, accredited and registered Psychotherapist and Supervisor (UKCP) , Registered BACP Counsellor and Supervisor, and registered Clinical Hypnotherapist (BSCH).   She is also registered with a range of medical/health insurance agencies  (BUPA, AVIVA) and EAP’s. This means she can accept GP referrals and treats a range of conditions where Hypnotherapy is known to be a successful and proven technique.

She is also an Accredited Coach and Coach Supervisor with the Association for Coaching (AC), which means she provides Supervision for those who practise both Coaching and Therapy .

Anne has her practice in Summertown, Oxford.

Approach – The first session usually lasts 1.5 hours where we explore what you want to achieve and agree the programme to suit your needs. Further sessions usually last one hour, depending on the desired outcome and frequency of sessions per month.

Fees are tailored according to approach and discussed at our first session.



News – COVID-19

During these times of uncertainty and change it is important to have impartial support to talk through whatever you may be experiencing. To support COVID -19 Anne is working virtually – on line or by phone. She has worked this way successfully for many years. Contact Anne for an initial exploration of how we can work together.





“Anne has a natural ability to rapidly identify the ‘real’ issue – or how a person stops themselves from achieving what they want in life”

Anne has over 30 years of experience in both business as a Coach and Management Development Consultant and in Private Practice as a Psychotherapist.

Anne is an accredited Psychotherapist and Therapy Supervisor with NLPtCA, UKCP and BACP, an accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist through BSCH and a member of the British Psychological Society.

She is also an accredited Coach and Coaching Supervisor with The Association for Coaching and an interpersonal Mediator with UK Mediation. Anne regularly updates her professional expertise through continued professional development and clinical supervision and abides by the ethics of her professional associations

Anne specialises in using Solution Focused Therapy, Symbolic Modelling, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH), and EMDR – all interventions known to have considerable success in resolving unresolved issues and creating a ‘positive mind set’.

She works with individuals and organisations providing therapy and personal / leadership coaching through transition and change

“Through accurately pinpointing blocks – releasing a person’s potential and self-confidence, Anne elegantly enables you to achieve much more than you ever imagine possible.”

Ann has over 30 years of experience

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